• Profitable Contracting Workshop
  • Profitable Contracting Workshop
  • Profitable Contracting Workshop
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    Your time has never been more valuable, and while training can often seem far down on the to-do list, it is a vital component of business success. Click Here

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    Taking ideas from the classroom to the field is what the Profitable Contracting programs are all about. Read how one company was able to do just that.More

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    Sustained profits are vital to long term success of a business. Get this FREE ARTICLE that identifies the 8 primary factors for maintaining profitability.Download

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  • Think You Don’t Need Training? Guess Again!

    Training?  Who needs it, right?  I mean, most of us are successful enough the way we are so why spend money we don’t have and time we don’t have on training.  Maybe former market leaders such as Bethlehem Steel, Kodak, Enron and others had those thoughts.  The reality is that business changes and the only way […]

  • If I Managed Your Business

    It is in our human nature to want to help people that sometimes struggle with things.  As a finance expert I often see contractors struggling with their business and I’d like to say ‘If I Managed Your Business, Here’s what I would do.”

  • Who Should Attend & Why

    Contractors are busy…but are you really too busy to increase your profits and improve your cash-flow? This seminar was designed exclusively for contractors and will improve your company – by increasing your bottom line.  Hear a leading CFO’s perspective on the operational and financial challenges facing contracting companies. Let him present you with new ideas, tools and […]