Comments From Participants

“Great job on the training last week! You are so sincere and compassionate in your delivery. I particularly found the parts when you put your “accountant hat” on very helpful because it enabled me to understand why accountants do what they do and how their goal is to help contractors improve their business, not just add more work. Kudos for taking a comprehensive topic (that you obviously know very well) and simplifying it and enabling participants to put theory into practice.”

“Wayne was a great, friendly, informative speaker. Appreciate the use of real examples and discussions amongst the group on current practices. Easy to understand, many exercises that promoted the understanding of what was taught. For a very dry subject Wayne kept my attention and the information relatable, relevant and interesting.”

“The Profitable Contracting Seminar was such an informative course. This was one of the better educational courses that I’ve attended and really appreciated how it was focused on cash flow and how to maintain the flow. I can say that thanks to the information that I learned yesterday I can now see the bigger picture when it comes to making sure that I get compensated for my time and stop doing things for free.”

“This was a very good seminar from a GC view. Wayne Newell, the presenter was well informed in the course materials, equipped with powerpoint, and full course manuals etc. The fact this was a ‘working’ seminar made the content interesting. The presenter previously worked in the construction industry and therefore related his presentation to it.”

“Wayne kept my attention and interest. It was pure enjoyment watching his passion behind his craft. The take-home manual was an added plus. His knowledge was excellent as shown by his real world experiences and examples.”

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