Think You Don’t Need Training? Guess Again!

Training?  Who needs it, right?  I mean, most of us are successful enough the way we are so why spend money we don’t have and time we don’t have on training.  Maybe former market leaders such as Sears, Eaton´s, Kodak, Blackberry and others had those thoughts.  The reality is that business changes and the only way to change with the times is to increase your knowledge with additional training and education.

Nothing could hit closer to home than in the Contracting business.  Less projects with more companies to do them makes the competition as tight as it has ever been.  Contractors continuously upgrade equipment yet very often learn by the seat of their pants how to operate it.  Organizations buy software but rarely invest in much more than a few books to understand how it should be used correctly.

Then of course there is your finances.  If you ask most contracting business leaders they will tell you they reached the top by coming through the ranks.  Once they were tradesmen, then they managed tradesmen and day by day they began managing projects and some moved to the head of the company.  Along the way they took on added responsibilities, some of which they knew well but when it comes to finances, many of those skills are lacking.

Money is what sets the successful businesses apart from the failures and managing that money is of vital concern to you and everyone around you.  So ask yourself, how much financial training have YOU had?  If you’re like most contracting managers, it is minimal.  This type of continued training is critical for maintaining the investment the company has already made in you and essential to your success as a manager.

Proper training provides the manger with a more worldly overview of the business.  Financially trained contractors view jobs in a totally different way.  The not only look at the production values but also the financial aspects of every step of the project.  As an owner, financial training will allow your business to be more profitable and stable now and in the future.  As an employee not only will you benefit your business but you will have taken on an added skill and expertise that will make you more valuable and possibly someday translate into a better job and more money.

Continuing education is common for most professionals in other fields.  Managers with Bachelor Degrees often go back for more education and their Master’s degree.  Technology professionals train yearly if not monthly on technological changes. Doctors strive to learn the latest techniques for treating patients and even the trainers and teachers themselves continually update their expertise.

While there may not be as many options for continued training in the contracting field that doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as important as any other category.  Now that you think of it… isn’t it time you advanced your skills in an area that may be the most important in your business.

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    ALL courses have been accredited by the Canadian Construction Association. 

    Course hours can be used towards the Gold Seal Certification application for credits, subject to credit approval upon review. Note: every 6 hours of learning equals 1 Gold Seal credit.


    Local Construction Associations – Collaboration from East to West Coast

    All LCA courses are 1/2 day on-line training – Zoom platform

    Start times 8:30 am Pacific,9:30 am Mountain, 10:30 am Central, 11:30 am Eastern, 12:30 pm Atlantic, 1:00 pm NL

    Each course runs up to 4 hours each session

    Strategic Planning March 8 & 9, 2023.


    Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada
    All member association collaboration:
    All MCAC courses are 1/2 day on-line training – Zoom platform

    Start times 8:30 am Pacific,9:30 am Mountain, 10:30 am Central, 11:30 am Eastern, 12:30 pm Atlantic, 1:00 pm NL

    Each course runs up to 4 hours each session

    Week of April 17th MCABC


    Winnipeg Construction Association

    Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers 
    May 2 & 3, 2023
    8:00 am to 4:00 pm WPG time

    Profitable Contracting
    May 4, 2023
    8:00 am to 4:00 pm WPG time

    Strategic Planning for Growth
    May 5, 2023
    8:00 am to 4:00 pm WPG time


    ORBA – Ontario Road Builders Association

    In-class – BMO Center. Markham, Ontario

    Strategic Planning for Growth
    March 1, 2023
    8:00 am to 4:00 pm ET time

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