Who Should Attend & Why

Contractors are busy…but are you really too busy to increase your profits and improve your cash-flow? This seminar was designed exclusively for contractors and will improve your company – by increasing your bottom line.  Hear a leading CFO’s perspective on the operational and financial challenges facing contracting companies. Let him present you with new ideas, tools and tactics to help you focus on profit improvement strategies.

Who Should Attend?

Every employee of your organization can benefit especially anyone who can influence profits – owners, managers, estimators, project leaders, administrators, accountants and Gold Seal candidates.  Profitable Contracting, a Gold Seal certified course,  focuses on strategies to build profits and improve cash-flow.

Consider these benefits for attending:

  1.  Increase revenues! You’ll learn proven, effective methods to increase revenues and improve your bottom-line.
  2.  Improve employee productivity! You’ll learn employee management practices to ensure employees work efficiently and productively.
  3.  Develop simple financial factors! You’ll learn a quick and easy method to control overhead costs.
  4.  Build a profit plan! We’ll work with 4 easy numbers to calculate your annual revenue and profit plan.
  5.  Reduce bad debts! You’ll learn proven methods to improve collections. And, I’ll tell you a little known method to collect on NSF cheques.
  6.  Reduce employee turnover! You’ll learn ways to control this serious problem common to all contractors.
  7.  Improve profits and cash flow! You’ll know how to implement the strategies and techniques to get a quick return on your seminar fees and your billable time. That’s a promise!

Proven Results!

Here’s my promise – when participants apply the course ideas, techniques and strategies in the workplace, productivity will increase, expenses will reduce, cash-flow will improve and profits will rise.

Wayne Newell
Corporate trainer

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