Profitable Contracting

Have high overhead costs, lack of reliable financial reports and low productivity eaten up what remains of your modest profit margins? In one day, Wayne Newell draws upon 35 years of financial and construction-contracting experience to help you recognize problem projects, identify unwanted expenses, increase productivity, manage overhead expenses and address labour shortages.

This Gold Seal course (one credit) covers the essentials of operations, labour productivity and finance for contractors.  Learn how to control and reduce expenses, how to rid yourself of labour productivity concerns, high overhead costs, below-budget profits and cash flow headaches. Learn to increase cash flow and improve profits.

The major issue facing contractors’ productivity today is the forecasted labour shortage by 2030. This course identifies a number of the major causes and offers methods to resolve them with a focus on attracting skilled workers, young people and women to your company.

“An excellent speaker with an extraordinary comprehension of running a Profitable Contracting firm.”

“Provided further understanding of operations and financial management related to project management.”

“Course content of seminar was well-grounded with   printed materials, videos, power point presentation and articulate instruction and Q&A by presenter.”

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We expect our operation personnel to complete our projects on-time and on-budget but we  often overlook the financial managements aspect of their responsibilities. The Profitable Contracting courses establish a strong financial awareness in all personnel.

Many contractors have labour productivity concerns, high overhead costs, below-budget profits and one continuous headache with cash-flow. This seminar discusses all those issues.  The discussions are positive, but frank, with real life examples.

All participants receive detailed course manuals complete with all the topics and schedules – use them later as desk reference manuals. Take home the actual financial paperwork you need to turn your business around. Both of these courses are best attended by anyone who can influence profits – owners, managers, estimators, project leaders, administrators, accountants and Gold Seal candidates.

Profitable Contracting can also be delivered during your AGM or conference – the length and content can be adjusted in consultation with your leadership group.

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