Finance & Accounting

¨I’m used to costing things out in my head. But it’s too competitive for that now. I wish I’d taken this course 10 years ago.”

You invest in equipment, supplies and people. But your best return on investment may be your own financial expertise. In this this two-day, hands-on training program – led by construction-finance expert Wayne Newell – learn to produce and interpret the four financial reports that are critical to business success.

This course specifically focuses on non-financial managers in the construction industry and guides project managers, coordinators, estimators, field superintendents, owners and senior managers through the financial and measurement techniques needed to manage their contracting business.

This is not a sit and listen event! This is an interactive course with hands-on exercises that walk you through each step of the financial process. You’ll take home a comprehensive course manual filled with the methodologies and strategies you need to improve your business.

Course outline
• Terms and definitions
• Accounting Principles and Guidelines
• 4 critical financials – Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow, Equity
• General Ledger, Accounting Cycle and Accounting Standards
• Why billings do not equal revenues until final completion
• Controlling overheads with 1 simple factor
• Establishing annual profit plans with 3 simple numbers
• Financial ratios and analyses
• Risk management
• Labour productivity improvement strategies
• Exercises – cash flow forecast, project cash requirements, justifying asset additions, revenue versus billings, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, financial analyses and more

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Learning Outcomes:
• Understand the fundamentals of finance and accounting
• Comprehend accounting processes and terminology
• Interpret and react to financial signals through financial statement analysis
• Calculate and apply financial performance tools that assist decision making
• Examine and critique business and project finances
• Gain a new sense of confidence when dealing with financial professionals
• Deliver better bottom-line results through sound decision making
• The real costs of lost productivity and what can be done
• Control overhead costs with easily developed factors
• Develop a profit plan and revenue
• Increased profits and cash flow

This course is ideal for… Owners, project managers and coordinators, estimators, project leaders, accountants and anyone who can influence profits.


  1. Forecasting project cash flows
  2. Using Net Present Value (NPV) to evaluate major purchases
  3. Understanding financial terminology
  4. Using financial reports to make project decisions
  5. Why % completion produces more reliable financial statements
  6. Using reports and analyses to monitor strengths and weaknesses
  7. The real costs of lost productivity
  8. Controlling overhead costs with gross profit factors
  9. Developing a profit plan and revenue goals with just 3 numbers
  10. Increased profits and improved cash flow

Your Course Leader:
With over 35 years of financial and construction experience, Wayne Newell has amassed a library of knowledge on what makes a successful contracting business. His construction management experiences focused on guiding small, medium and large contractors; no matter the size of the company, he mentored owners, managers and employees on how best to perform and lead their companies. They learned ways to save money and time…leading to improved cash flow, reduced costs and higher profits.

He was awarded his CMA in 1972. Since 2003, Wayne has been presenting contracting seminars in most major Canadian cities.

Transform your business into a lean, mean contracting machine that reins in overhead costs, detects pitfalls, and submits high-value, high-profit bids

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    Each course runs up to 4 hours each session

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