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Municipal Group improves field productivity with ideas and direction from the two-day, Finance for Non-Financial Managers seminar program.

The largest civil contractor in Atlantic Canada, the Municipal Group of Companies is comprised of numerous businesses representing a vast range of expertise. Recent major projects include the New Brunswick Route 1 Gateway, HRM’s Otter Lake Waste Facility, Providenciales International Airport, and the Bloom Lake Railway on Labrador and Quebec.

As with any successful enterprise in a fluctuating economy, the Municipal Group understands the importance of maximizing profitability and controlling expenses, especially with regard to increased material, labor and production costs. This is why Mr. Newell was selected to conduct this important training. “Wayne Newell greatly enhanced the knowledge of our project management personnel, providing additional expertise for their review of each job’s financial details,” says Brad Johnson, Director of Training & Development for the Municipal Group. “This renewed fiscal direction has made a big difference for us, specifically with improving results in the field.”

Wayne Newell, the presenter of the program, has over 35 years financial and construction contracting background. Through that history he has amassed a library of knowledge on what makes a successful contracting business. Since 2003, he has been presenting his exclusive contracting seminars in most major Canadian cities.

During presentations of his Program, Mr. Newell provided vital guidance and ideas to help field staff recognize how their on-site decisions were impacting the whole organization. The result was improved financial accuracy at project sites and a concerted effort to keep jobs from being under-billed. With a richer understanding of accounting principles, company managers were able to critically analyze the financial aspects of their work and improve production value.

“Wayne’s real-life experience and ability to keep our managers engaged was a key component to the success of the program. He has a way of connecting with people and explaining difficult concepts so that everyone can understand.

Led by Dexter Construction, the largest civil contractor in Atlantic Canada, the Municipal Group is comprised of numerous diversified business units. Their ever-expanding service offerings include construction, environmental, asphalt and quarry, utilities, emulsions, demolition, mining and disposal, to name just a few. For over 40 years, They have been serving Nova Scotia and beyond, and our presence now extends into New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northern Quebec, and the Caribbean.

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