On Site Training

For companies who wish to train in-house, both courses are available to be held at your office or preferred location.

There are many benefits to holding onsite training vs. attending a public seminar.

  1. you can customize the length of the program
  2. the content of the program can be customized for your business
  3. you can discuss real issues, sometimes confidential information among your coworkers
  4. each topic can address situations at your business
  5. bring certain team members in for segments of the training that apply to them
  6. set up goals and guidelines while the training is going on.
  7. turn the training into a company motivational  program.

In house training has far greater results than public seminars because your company is the main focus.  To arrange in house training or to discuss details on of the program contact Wayne Newell.  CLICK HERE to contact.


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