2 Day Finance & Accounting Course Topics

To start earning more money, owners must first make learning construction accounting a priority. Like any trade, accounting takes time to learn, but many contractors don’t stop to learn accounting practices that can lead to increased profits. If you don’t know your numbers, you can’t run your business professionally or expect to make substantial profits. This course teaches you your numbers and how to use them.

Listed below are the topics that will be covered during the TWO DAY FINANCE & ACCOUNTING COURSE.  This comprehensive event is ideal training for contracting business owners, senior managers and field supervisors who are faced with financially related choices every day.


  • review participants expectations
  • course objectives
  • accounting: processes, equation, bases
  • GAAP standards
  • source documents
  • adjustments
  • perceived role of your accountants
  • 4 basic financial statements
  • chart of accounts
  • general ledger
  • trial balance
  • accounting cycle
  • balance sheet assets
  • cash management,
  • short-term investments
  • accounts receivable
  • under-billings and their causes
  • cash flow forecast,
  • improving A/R collections
  • prepaid expenses,
  • inventories and their costs
  • fixed assets and types of depreciation
  • benefits of net present value (NPV)
  • NPV for asset purchases
  • completion of asset section of balance sheet
  • balance sheet liabilities
  • bank loans
  • accounts payable
  • accrual accounting
  • deferred and current income taxes
  • long-term debt and exercises
  • estimated project cash flow
  • over-billings and their benefits
  • completion of liability and equity section of balance sheet


  • income statement revenues
  • types of construction contracts
  • completed / uncompleted contract accounting
  • contract costs
  • administrative expense
  • G&A expense
  • income statement
  • project cash flow
  • net present value and
  • under/over billings
  • statement of cash flow
  • analysis of cash flow statement
  • external accountant’s reports
  • job costing essentials and controls
  • gross profit analysis
  • establishing profit goals
  • admin expense controls
  • G&A budget
  • (KPIs) financial ratios
  • bonding criteria and issues
  • risk management – insurance, buy vs lease, asset protection
  • review 40 terms and definitions

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